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$50.00 Deposit - $15.00 for the complete vacation

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To everyone out in this increasingly smaller world....... Welcome to Central Florida, Disney World, Port Canaveral and the Orange County Convention Center. 

Walt Disney sure has changed the face of the city of Orlando. I still remember reading the paper in 1963 that announced the arrival of of this giant. He is leaving a big footmark here.

My home has been Orlando since 1957. Driving in this city has given me plenty of time to devote to my past times, photography, sports and now this website. I do enjoy this work because in Orlando we serve many happy families who come here to enjoy Disney World. Getting to know these families is a great plus in my life.

While I do work on my web sites a lot I still have time to pick up those who have come through this web site looking for transportation. It is hard to get away from meeting new friends and helping them figure out the great Disney, Universal and Sea World parks. If you are looking for transportation to the Daytona Hotels you might also give me a call.

My vehicle is a superbly comfortable (I bought it brand new) 2004 Chevrolet Suburban SUV. It has room to seat 7 passengers but I don't push that unless you have some children. Actually it will hold 6 mature adults comfortable. So if you are inquiring take this into consideration when you call or write me. It is loaded with air and very comfortable seats from front to back. I can carry two child seats if I know you will need them.  You would be riding with a very safe and responsible driver who has a clean traffic record. If you are a family group of up to 15 than it is possible that a fellow driver and I will be able to help you out. Yes, I would make the arrangements with another vehicle to accommodate your group.

Also you can see I can "meet and greet" you either at the Orlando International Airport or the Orlando Sanford Airport. Yes, they are two separate airports with the Sanford Orlando Airport approximately 35 miles north of the Orlando International Airport. From there we head to the parks or Port Canaveral.

Are you looking for a personal car-service from your home to either of the airports I am available on a 24 hour basis. I will take you to the airport at 0300 in the morning and pick you up at anytime in the evening.

One great tip which you might take advantage, if you are park bound, is that I will stop by a grocery store before we reach your hotel and you could go in and pick up some groceries. Disney is very good about getting you to their park and letting you buy their products. They are also very good a marking up the prices. Water is $2.50 a bottle. The same water is also available outside of the parks at $3.00 per case. When you grocery stop you can pick up food, drinks, cereal, milk and beer. My price to take you to the hotel is the same whether you get groceries or not. So if you want to do a stop you have got to tell me. As long as you hurry there is no time limit.

I am now able to transfer you to and from Port Canaveral from either airport. Orlando International Airport (MCO) or the Orlando Sanford International Airport (SFB). Check your prices for transportation, because I think you would like it much better if you left either airport immediately after you pick up your luggage than waiting  for the busses to get everyone picked up and than leave an hour or two later. When you return from the cruise. I will be there to pick you up the minute you get off the ship. I have a few tips that will get you off the ship as early as 7:30 a.m. I arrive at the Port between 7:30 and 8:00 in the morning to return you to the airport.

When you get a rental car it will cost you $15.00 for each day you park the car while you are cruising. Sometimes trying to pick up the rental can be a nightmare and many of the sedans you rent cannot hold your luggage. 

If you choose to fly in the day before and stay at an Orlando Airport Hotel. I can transport you from the hotel the day you want to board the ship or leave for the Port. Give me a call and I can pick you up at any time during the day. You can get to the ships as early as 10:00 in the morning and they will accommodate you.

I visited Kennedy Space Center last week and enjoyed it immensely. If you are cruising out of Port Canaveral you could schedule your departure from the airport after 6:00 pm in the evening. I will pick you up at the port in the morning, stow your luggage in the SUV and will take you to the space center until closing. From there I can take you back to your departure airport in time for you to pick up your departure. Ask me about prices if you are interested. 

Just to warn you ahead of time! Once in a while I have conflicts with reservations that you make. If I have a conflict I will assign a ride to another driver on this website. The cost of the transportation will remain the same. All drivers on this site are reputable so don't worry who you get.

I have written a non-fiction book with a fellow by the name of Ken Hicks. Ken was a personal valet for Elvis Presley from early 1971 - 1974. There are some very interesting stories in it, Shortly I will have a link set up for you to view some excerpts from the book. It is being copyrighted now and at the present time I am publishing it myself in report form. It is approximately 45 pages in length and I am selling it for $15.00. Let me know by e-mail if you are interested.

If you have come directly into my page from the internet go to this website or more information, including drivers, about the Orlando Airport.  Taxi-MCO.com.

I am looking forward to meeting you and serving your transportation needs during your visit to Orlando.


Meet some of my happy families in Taxi-MCO Scrapbook.

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Edward A. Korgan Jr. and Franco





   I used to have two beautiful cats. If you have ever had animals you know how you get attached to them. Both mine died of CRF which is fatal. The following web site gives a lot of information about this disease and quite a bit of counseling. It helped me out tremendously. Check it out.


  (a tribute)   My two cats: (Rocky and Cassie).


   Kennedy Space Center

   The above link is a little pictorial of my visits to the space center.


                      Disney "Wonder"

    Cruising pictures January 7 - 11, 2007

                        Disney "Magic"

   Cruising pictures December 1 - 8, 2007

                     RCCL  -  "Freedom of the Seas"

    Cruising pictures  December 13 - 20, 2009

                       New Bengal Cat   (4/12/10)

                   Elvis, As I Knew Him
                 I wrote this book, published on Kindle

7-6-12 Edward
This is my flight on a biplane located close to the Port.




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