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Robin Schanck


Fax: 321-459-1696

E-mail: info@abusytraveler.com




     My name is Robin and I am the owner of “A Busy Traveler” transportation. I started my own business in 1994 when I sold my favorite Toyota Sports car. It was a hard decision to make, but has turned out very good because I now can service the central area and east coast of Florida with my vehicles.

     My company now specializes in the Port Canaveral cruise area. Group charters, Conventions and some very customized services. My motto is “We move People.” My rates can be based on event happenings and transportation needs. I can operate from Orlando International Airport to the coast and offer services to all groups big and small.

      I was born in Morganville, New Jersey and came from a “Jersey Girl” family. Before coming to Florida my family and I owned our own business and operated ice-cream trucks for 27 years in the Morganville area.

     I love animals and have my favorite dog Gizmo and cat Sinbad who volunteer everyday to keep me company and sit with me through all my hard times.

     I will be looking forward to hearing from anyone who could use my services. Mention my dog or cat’s name and I may offer you a special discount for using my services.



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