Tony Hinds

Airport Transportation
10 Passenger Ford Van

Cellphone:    407-406-9093





I carry 2 Baby seats and 2 Boosters. Strollers on request.                           Visa-Mastercard-American Express



   Well this is Orlando, Florida, vacationland of the world. We have Disney, Universal and Sea World as well as cruising out of Port Canaveral. I get many guests daily and enjoy every minute meeting you and your wonderful families.

   My vehicle will head in any direction you specify and I will provide for your the very best service you can expect. I am a 24 hour guy so will be at your service no matter what time you arrive in Orlando. I have been driving transportation in Orlando, Florida for the 23 years and learned my passengers welfare should be the very first thing to consider when I have you in my vehicle.

   If you are planning trip to other parks I can accommodate a large family. My van holds 10 passengers and so will be able to give you a much better rate than the Mears Shuttle. Even more conveniently I pick you up and drop you back to your resort at your chosen time.

   Are you going cruising? The bus transportation set up by the different cruise lines run you about $69.00 per person. That is $690.00 for 10 persons. Do you want to save approximately $350.00? Give me a call and request my rates. The thing about it is that I pick you up at baggage claims and you are at the ship in less than an hour. Don't expect that if you want to travel on the busses.

   Another advantage is that when you return to MCO I am waiting for you at the ship and we leave the port as soon as you get off. You could be heading home as early as 11:00 in the morning. The cruise ship transportation will not give you this information.

   So here I am, Call me or e-mail me. I will get back to you with some extremely fair prices.





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