Taxi - Bus/Shuttle Comparison
(Independent Vehicle-for-Hire and Passenger Vans included)

Mears Shuttle transportation from Orlando International Airport is charged on a per person basis.  This means a family of five (2 adults, 3 teenagers) would be charged twice as much to go to Disney or other attractions as a metered taxi or vehicle-for-hire transportation would charge for the same trip.

Disney provides free transportation on the Mears leased busses. Disney Magical Express.

When you take the Mears Shuttle, or any shuttle or bus company,  you have no guarantee when you will get there inside of a 3 hour window, whether you are one person or ten. The taxi, vehicle-for-hire transportation system is guaranteed 45 minutes to your resort once you pick up your luggage. The biggest advantage is that your family alone is transferred and no other kids or family squabbles to put up with. In many cases the vehicle you ride in will be first class.

If you are traveling to  Orlando International Airport (MCO) Click on this link to view drivers and the vehicles they drive.

If you are traveling to Orlando Sanford International Airport (SFB) Click on this link to view drivers and the vehicles they drive..

IF you found this page through the Google search or advertising, the above links will take you to the home page of each airport. There you will be able to view the drivers and their vehicles. You will also be able to view the other services each airport offers including, retail stores, airlines servicing the airport and tips to help you through the airport.

Taxi rates now run more for a one-way trip to your destination than if you had contacted a car service company listed on the internet.

 Some trips could be longer because buses and shuttles have numerous stops to make.  A taxi from one of the FIVE Orlando taxi companies or town car, limo and van drivers can transport you to any of the resort areas, including Disney, in 30 minutes or less.  They are loaded immediately so in most circumstances you don't have to wait around to arrive and depart the airport.  The vehicles are not jammed with strangers and allow you to enjoy the ride in private to your hotel.  With the drivers listed here at the internet site you will get prompt, personal, and courteous service, not offered by the taxi and shuttle vendors,  for you and your family while on vacation.

Return trips on the shuttle are just as adventurous.  Typically, you will call one day in advance and reserve your shuttle transportation for about 3 - 5 hours before your flight. Later, while waiting, you will hope the shuttle picks you up with enough time to spare and does not waste too much time picking others up and dropping others off.  It is good planning to set aside reserve time in case the shuttle routes are busy.  You can schedule your taxi, town car or limousine driver  to pick you up at your hotel as late as approximately one and one-half  hours before your flight. All drivers have cell phones for immediate and personal contacts in case of an emergency.  From most hotels you will be at the airport in 30 minutes or less allowing you to relax, extend your stay, and still have an hour at the airport prior to departure.  Several hotels have taxi stands where you can just walk out and pick up a cab to the airport.


Destination from Airport

Metered Taxi  
  1-9 Passengers 

5 Passengers R/T

Car Service R/T

Disney Hotels         

$45.00 - $65.00 



International Drive 

$30.00 - $45/00  


$ 90.00

Universal Hotels      

   $40.00 - $33.00  



H/W 192 & Kissimmee 

$55.00 - $70.00






Town cars, limousines and large vans are available on your arrival in Orlando. Pre-arranged appointments assure that you will be met properly.



At the Orlando International Airport, from the baggage floor (LEVEL 2), go down the elevators and escalators to the bottom floor (LEVEL 1).  The taxi stands are on the outside portion of the bottom floor (LEVEL 1). (




October 16, 2008: The "Meet and Greet" process changed slightly. Now it is important that you provide your car service with a cell phone number you will be carrying to Orlando. Companies may request that you give them a call as soon as your plane touches down and you are able to get to your phone. Some companies do not request that because they do not know who your driver will be until up to the hour. So it is best to know if you should call or not. When you call the driver will be waiting in a holding area to pick you up. Your call will alert him to start over to the terminal and park inside to come upstairs to pick you up. The driver has to have his car inspected by TSA to enter the pick-up area.


Once parked, the driver will be able to walk upstairs  with a "Meet and Greet" sign, He will meet you at the foot of the escalators (LEVEL 2).  He will show you to the correct carrousel and help you pick out your luggage. Than he will lead you to the the elevators to (LEVEL 1) where you will walk to the drivers vehicle (a very short distance), load up and will be on your way.


Now keep in mind that the driver may not make it through the inspection process before you get down the escalators. If that happens it may be best to just go ahead and pick up your luggage at the carousels. The driver should be on his way and, if he is smart enough, he will check the carousels for you. If you don't see him by the time you pick up your luggage, just go back to the escalator you came down on and wait ther until he appears.




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