Disney Magic

December 1 - 8, 2007



   This is up on the 9th floor forward and the big screen.
   A Disney CM playing "dodge ball" and against all the kids.
Key West and my grandson's first taste of Key Lime pie. I didn't seem to enthuse him.
My grandson bargaining with a Key West salesgirl.
This is a pre-show to entering the ship museum at Key West. The tour through the building and the artifacts was really interesting.
We are about 100 feet up in a tower over the ship museum, in Key West, overlooking the Caribbean. We left Port Saturday afternoon and were in Key West on Sunday.
My grandson caught Donald in the hallways of the ship.
Here he is again. My grandson made friends with one of the permanent residents of the Cayman Islands.
One of the shop windows close to the Disney Theatre.
Entrance to the Walt Disney Theatre.
He is trying to play ping-pong.
The cast of the Walt Disney Theatre. They had great shows.
The Magic in Cozumel on Wednesday.
This was about the "coolest" moment in his life. He couldn't stop talking about the savages trying to kidnap him.
This is the ship's galley. It is really clean. They have a special tour you can take to see it.
The beach at Castaway Cay. It was really beautiful that day.
The beginning of the stingray tour. That is not a live one he is holding.
Feeding the stingrays. You put a piece of food on the top of your hand, stick it in the water and the stingray comes through that "U" shaped driveway and sucks it up.
He didn't want to leave. What a beautiful day at the beach. They served a barbecue dinner which is great!!!
The ship from "Pirates of the Caribbean."
This is some of the towel art. I think it is a snake with its head cut off.

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