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  1. How do I reserve a Taxi-International driver at the airport I plan to fly into?
  2. What does the term "Meet and Greet" mean... ?
  3. Where can I find my reserved driver at the airport?
  4. Why don't I use a shuttle service instead of a Taxi, Towncar or Limousine ?
  5. Who is
  6. Who runs the website?
  7. When are the reserved drivers available... ?
  8. What should I do if I am approached, on the baggage floor or the public areas by someone asking me if he can help me out... ?
  9. Do I have to buy transfer tickets through my travel agent to be assured I will get to my resort destination from the airport... ?
  10. Do drivers only serve the Disney resorts.

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How do I reserve a Taxi-MCO driver at the airport I plan to fly into.. ?

You can reserve a personal driver at the Airports listed by clicking on the company taxi and drivers statement , Towncar and Limousine Companies , the vans or SUV's on the home page. The pages you reach are a listing of all the transportation companies working at the airport. Click on any company and you will reach the company page. On the company page there is a listing of the drivers who ready to "Meet and Greet" you and your family. Click on a drivers name and the link will go to the drivers web page. Check all the companies and drivers for the driver that fills your need. Or use our search page to search for drivers with your special need. His or her web page will let you know how to contact that person. Drop them an e-mail, call them on the phone or fax them. Once they know you want to contact them they will be in contact with you. You can also e-mail and let us know you would like to be picked up by a particular driver. The administrator of this net knows most drivers personally and will get the message to your favorite driver in a short period of time. 

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What does the term "Meet and Greet" mean... ?

"Meet and Greet" is the terminology used by the transportation company to tell you the following:

           "I will be waiting at the area set aside for "Meet and Greet" area to help you". 

The driver meeting you will usually be holding a sign with your name on it. When you meet, the driver will greet you, and after introductions will proceed to help you with your luggage. The vehicle is usually parked, so you will be escorted  downstairs and/or outside and over to the drivers vehicle. Once loaded you relax in the car and will be on your way to your destination.

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Where can I find my reserved driver at the Airport... ?

The way you arrange your reservation is completely up to you and your reserved driver. Your driver may give you several options in the event something happens to the airline schedules. Typically, your reserved driver will instruct you where to meet. It generally is at designated "Meet and Greet" area with your name shown on a sign. This is what your driver would call a "Meet and Greet". This will be the only place you will be able to meet your Towncar or Limousine driver. On the other hand, your taxi driver might favor a second way for  you to find him. That is, the taxi driver will ask for you to go to the  "Taxi Starter" and ask the "Taxi Starter" to call for the taxi number. Your taxi driver will be waiting over in the taxi driver bullpen and as soon as the page is heard the driver will come right over and pick you up. Different airports have different rules. This is sometimes done because the driver's schedule could be altered by unknown trips or circumstances. This possibility also occurs more often when the airline flights are delayed and the arrival times of the airlines become completely scrambled and your arrival time, therefore, becomes unknown. If the reserved taxi driver is not in the bullpen waiting for you then the "Taxi Starter" can assign you another taxi immediately and you will be on your way. Again, in a situation where you are not approached by your reserved taxi driver you should go immediately to the  "Taxi Starter" and explain to him that your reserved taxi driver can't be found. He is in touch with all the taxis in the airport and will immediately assist you in finding your driver or putting you in another taxi and on your way to your destination. 

We know this may be confusing but, once again. If, due to some unforeseen event, you are not approached by your reserved taxi driver simply go to the "Taxi Starter" on for assistance. You are in good hands with the "Taxi Starter". Taxi-International and its drivers do not want to lose you as a customer because of a mix up in signals or because of airline delays. There are many taxi drivers not yet listed at our web site who can assist you equally as well.

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Why don't I use a shuttle service instead of a Taxi... ?

You can use a shuttle service instead of a taxi. Remember the taxi system is first, the fastest way to get to your destination.  Second, the taxi system becomes the cheapest form of transportation if you are a party of three or more (shuttle prices are charged per person). If you are a party of one or two than a decision has to be made. A shuttle, waiting in line 10-15 minutes to get a ticket. Waiting at the departure point another 10-30 minutes to get aboard your bus or shuttle. In Orlando, Florida, putting up with all the kids that are not yours just wanting to get to Disney. Than finally leaving the airport bound for a trip where you will experience as many as five to eight stops to unload the bus or shuttle. If you are lucky you might get to your destination in an hour but more likely closer to two hours. Your room and that bed will be the best thing you will see after that experience. If you take the taxi you ride in the comfort of a sedan or van with your friends or family. You arrive at your destination in approximately 20-45 minutes with no stops involved. It just seems to easy doesn't it. Take a taxi and your pocket will be a little heavier, you will be refreshed and you will ask yourself why you ever thought shuttle. The shuttle/taxi price comparison in the domain should enlighten you on the money difference between the shuttle/bus and taxis.

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Who is ?

Taxi-International is a select group of taxi, town car and limousine drivers who would like to meet you and introduce you to the transportation system at the their home airport. Their goal is to disprove all the stories you may have heard about personal drivers, the high cost of personal service, and show you that you can receive personal courteous service. They want to show you that you can ride the with them cheaper than any other form of transportation out of the airport. At all airports the drivers are professional drivers who take seriously the service that they provide.

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Who runs the site?

The web site is run by a five year veteran of an Orlando, Florida taxi service. He has invested many hours in this venture. The benefits will be to help other drivers become more profitable and make travelers to the Orlando, Florida area aware of the many advantages of a taxi over other forms of transportation. The web site founder and administrator has a vision (read obsession) to make riding a taxi with a personal driver out of the Orlando airport the "in" thing to do in this new century and to show other drivers that they can meet you, the public, and professionally serve you before you step off your airplane at Orlando International Airport. The administrator also requests that you immediately e-mail him if you feel any driver has, unfortunately, not performed up to your expectations. We are primarily concerned with your safety and truly want you and your family to enjoy your stay in the Orlando Florida Area.

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When are the reserved taxi drivers available... ?

Reserved drivers are generally available on a 7 days / 24 hour basis. There are, however, some drivers who take off on special days. Other drivers do not work on Sundays. As you read the drivers credentials they will mention it if they have a certain day they do not want to work or receive calls. All you have to do is pick out another driver. 

If the drivers do not mention days they can't work or pick you up than you can assume that the driver is willing to work whenever you need them (7 days / 24 hours).

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What should I do if I am approached, on the baggage floor or the public 
areas, by someone asking me if he can help me out... ?

First of all, be aware that this could be what the Orlando International Airport or any airport workers call a gypsy (Warning). The airport authority wants every passenger to be able to depart the airport with every possible assurance that their trip to their destination resort is a safe trip and free of any possible frauds and overcharging that could occur. All taxis, busses, town cars and shuttles you take out of the airport are licensed by the City of Orlando. This assures that there is proper insurance coverage on the vehicle, the vehicle is maintained in a high state of repair and the driver is free of fraud and criminal activity. Licensing of the companies also affords the city the chance to trace back any complaints that might be lodged against a particular company. The authority also polices all the areas of the passenger terminal trying to keep the gypsy out. If caught the gypsy is subject to heavy fines and possible imprisonment. If someone approaches you in a friendly manner asking you if you need help, the best thing to say to him is, "Can you tell me how to get to the taxi or shuttle areas?" If you divulge your destination than this person will continue to interrogate you until he puts you in his car. If he continues to harass you, you may go to the information desk on Level 2 in front of the escalators and report the problem or ask for James Howard of GOIAA (Greater Orlando International Airport Authority). Mr. Howard would love to know about the gypsies that are harassing the passengers arriving in Orlando. If no one is around to help call Mr. Howard at 407-825-2294 and explain your situation.

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Do I have to buy transfer tickets through my travel agent to be assured I will get 
to my resort destination from the airport... ?

No, without a doubt the fastest way to your resort is by taxi. You pick up your luggage, go downstairs to the taxi area and are assigned a taxi immediately. Most resort destination are approximately 30-45 minutes away. The taxi runs on a meter, towncars and limousines are on a flat rate, so money is collected at the end of the trip. No money is collected in advance but a driver can usually give you an estimate of what the fare will be before you leave the airport. Because of this a travel agent does not make a commission on your transportation tickets. Most travel agencies operate with a transportation company driving out of the airport. Every transfer they sell they receive a commission from the sale. You, the customers, pay that commission in the price of the ticket. The taxis are available at anytime of the day or night while planes are arriving. Because of the heavy traffic into the Orlando International Airport taxis are on the stands twenty-four hours a day. This is NOT TRUE for any other form of transportation. For one person, without a doubt, the shuttle system is cheaper, but you have to consider the time involved in traveling by shuttle. Shuttle transportation to almost any destination is approximately one hour and more than likely closer to two hours. There are usually four or five stops involved for anywhere from five to ten minutes. Check out the price comparison sheet in this website. If your family is three or more you will end up paying a premium amount of money for a second class transportation schedule. So you don't have to buy transfer tickets from your travel agent. Just tell them you will take care of your airport resort roundtrip tickets on your own.

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Do drivers only serve the Disney resorts... ?

No, the drivers serve the complete Orlando area including the convention hotels on International Drive. Many people flying into Orlando International Airport have destinations in other parts of the state. 

Taxi-MCO drivers at the Orlando International Airport will drive to any part of the state if that is required. Ask your reserved driver for the rate to any city in Florida and he should be able to give an approximate rate.

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