Grocery Shopping

  Shopping is usually done at the Publix super market in Williamsburg. They have many specials and some great 2 for 1 deals.
   One of the most important things you might not think about as you plan your Disney trip is the extra groceries that you pick up while you are vacationing. Many drivers on this site will provide to you the first trip to the store at no extra charge. You can pick up such items as milk, cereal, snacks, bread and of course water, beer and wine.

   The route to Disney provides a very convenient stop at a Publix grocery store. In 1/2 hour, some drivers don't hold you to that, but don't take advantage, you and your group can pick up the essential items that will save you a bunch of money on the Disney resort. Water costs $2.75 a bottle at Disney and you can purchase a case of water for something like $.21 per bottle in the Publix store. The prices for the snacks at the Disney resorts is unbelievable. Why not find a driver who will stop and you can pick up $50 to $100 worth of groceries. Those groceries will save you $200. Request this stop before you make any reservations so you don't spring your ideas on the driver.  

   An added bonus to the grocery stop is the pizza store down the street from the Publix. Most drivers have that number and can call ahead for a pizza to be picked up after you grocery shop. Who in this world wants to go out and try to find some food after traveling all day. Find a driver who will help you out with this bonus. Ask when you call or write, or check the individual websites of the drivers for the information,


My Favorite deli girls. They make a mean Ultimate sub sandwich..  
   This is what you need to pick up. Water at Disney for the same products runs about $2.50 per bottle. You can get many other items that will save you money. Don't forget the brew. Right down the street in the same shopping center is a liquor store. Publix only has beer and wine,





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