Port Canaveral Permitted Drivers

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Ron Zimmerman

7 Passenger Suburban SUV

Faith White

Lincoln Town Car

Robin Schanck

11 Passenger Van

Rick Ramphal

7 Passenger Suburban SUV

Edward Korgan

7 Passenger Suburban SUV

Alan Karp

6 Passenger Suburban SUV

Eugene Tau

7 Passenger Suburban SUV

Tony Hinds

10 Passenger Ford Van

Newton Goncalez

6 Passenger Suburban SUV

Kelley McMahon

15 Passenger Van






   When you sign up for a cruise most people think they have to take the transportation provided by the cruise lines. That is definitely false. You now have a chance to save your family a significant amount of money for your vacation. It is your choice how you get to the cruise lines. When it comes to larger groups you can save money because the price charged by the individual drivers is per vehicle, compared to per person in the travel package.

   Disney Cruise Lines now charges $69.00 per person roundtrip for transportation to the cruise lines. Carnival (69.00) and Royal Caribbean ($64.00). That means that your group of 10 will pay $690.00 for transportation, on a Disney cruise ship, when you could have got a 10 passenger car service vehicle for around $225.00, a savings of 465.00.  Even if you are a two families you can go in the same vehicle unless you want to be split up. Of course, you can still get two vehicles and pay $450.00, which would be $250.00 cheaper than Disney Transportation.

   When you depart MCO for transportation to the cruise ship you are met by the drivers close to the luggage carousels. They help you with your luggage, walk you one floor down to their vehicles and you are headed to the port. It is a 45 minute drive. The time spent getting to the port after arriving by air, at MCO, is roughly one hour and fifteen minutes. Count on two and a half hours, after departing the plane, to get to the port if you use the bus transportation. 

   Another tip to keep in mind. The transportation from the cruise lines does not set you up for a morning departure from Orlando International Airport. Using the Car Service system you can get off the ships and be at MCO by 0900 to 1000 which would enable you to take a flight out as early as 1030h using car service. The cruise lines do not recommend this because that means you can't take their transportation back to MCO. There are many cruise line passengers who are stuck in the airport 2 to 8 hours because a late morning flight was never scheduled.


Check out the advantages of Car Service Transportation:

   1.  You get personal "meet and greet" service at Orlando or Sanford airports.
   2.  No waiting around for the busses to load or waiting for others. 45 minutes to the Port after baggage pick up.
   3.  Car seats if you want to protect your small children. Disney busses don't crash so they don't allow baby seats, LOL.
   4.  When you leave the boat, it is straight to the car service vehicle and straight back to the airport. (45 minutes).
   5.  Transportation fees do not have to be paid 3 months in advance of the cruise. The fee is paid at the port.

   Transfer fees are included in your initial price when you book online. To find the price of the transfers you have to click ahead twice. The first click gets you to the page where you accept Disney helping you with airline reservations. The second click will get you to the page where you are able to decline the transportation and the insurance if you desire. Once you decline either one or both of them go to the bottom of the page and request the total to be reconsidered. They page will than come up with the price after you decline transportation or insurance or both.  Insurance is priced out at $59.00 per person and transportation is priced out at $69.00 per person.

Disney states in your directions: You are on a Disney Cruise Line package: Please tag your luggage prior to leaving home, with the enclosed Disney Cruise Line luggage tags. Now if you do this your luggage will be automatically picked up by Disney and taken to the ship. There are reports that Disney will charge you for the transfer, but they are unconfirmed and so no one really knows. If they do charge you it is well worth the luggage transfer by Disney. If you want to pick up your luggage yourself do not tag them until you pick them off the carousels when they arrive. If you tag them and are using car service companies, let the driver who meets you know so you won't have to wait for ten minutes at the carousels and then find out they are on the way to the ship.

   Obtaining transportation from the drivers listed on this site makes things a lot less hectic at Orlando International Airport. At OIA cruise passengers have been known to wait two to three hours before they can board a bus to the cruise terminal. You just sit there and wait until they are ready to board you. Yes, no waiting around to load a bus with a bunch of other families, if you take a private car. You will save an hour or two right there. When the driver gets to the port you unload your baggage and than can walk over to the entrance to go aboard the ship. The ships start opening up around noon. Many passengers I have taken to the Port early have told me it is a plus to get there early.

   Many travelers plan on traveling to Orlando the night before the cruise. They obtain reservations at a hotel on the coast and stay the night at that hotel. This site has transferred many families to the Radisson at Cocoa Beach. There is also a Marriot Residence In and a Country Inn Suites right close to the Radisson. The hotels are within walking distance of a  McDonalds, Subway, Asian Restaurant and a family restaurant and and still only five minutes away the the cruise terminals. All the hotels have transportation to the port.

   Your private driver is waiting at the ship when you disembark. It is so nice when you see him waiting for you. Your luggage is taken to the vehicle, you load and be on your way back to the airport.

Disembarkation from the cruise ship Carnival Sensation.

   I cruised on the Sensation in March and August, 2008. The check out procedures are a little bit different than the Disney ships. They will give you a luggage tags, with a number, on your last day of the cruise. The higher the number, the later you will be called to get off the ship. 1 - 5 are first called around 0800 in the morning. 6 - 7 around 0820and than the sequence continues. The number 20 gets you off the ship about 0930 to 1000. They have three or four areas, on the ship, where you can wait while they get to your number. It is possible to get the number changed if you go to the pursers office and talk with the lady up there. Some drivers carry a form that you can show to the purser that states your transportation will be at the ship to pick you up at a certain time. You can also show them an airline departure time of before 1200 and your will be able to get a lower number.

Disembarkation from the Monarch of the Seas and the Freedom of the Seas, Royal Caribbean Ships. 

   Both these ships offer you a chance to be off the ship first. That is you can leave the ship between the hours of 0600 and 0700 in the morning. It is called Express Departure and enables you to make a flight out of MCO as early as 1030 in the morning. If you are driving it just gives you a headstart home. To do this you keep your luggage in the room the night before. Do not put it into the hallway for pickup by the ship's crew. Get up early in the morning head to the windjammer for a fast breakfast. After breakfast get back and pick up your luggage and head to the designated departure point for the express departure. They will tell you, you must have one hand free so be sure you can carry some extra luggage on your back. They don't really enforce the one hand closely, but don't overdo it with luggage. You have to go down an escalator if you get into the right hand side of the departure line or the elevator if you get into the left hand side of the departure line. Stay right if you can because the elevator line goes much slower.  

   If you are cruising on the Monarch you leave the ship according to the colors that are on your luggage ticket given to you the last night of the cruise. White is the first off the ship and the Pinks are the last. The Monarch is very efficient in getting you off because the assemble each color in different parts of the ship. When it is time for the color to go it is announced on the intercom system. If you are providing your own transportation, which includes car service, you can request from the an "express departure" ticket from the passenger service desk. You will be able to get off the ship, carrying your own bags, as soon as the ship is cleared for disembarkation.

   Once your number or color is called you proceed to the exit floor and get in line to be checked out. It is a very easy process. You bags will be in the terminal waiting for you. It is probably best to pick up a porter at that time and walk him over to the bag area and show him your bags. He will get them and walk you through customs. And again your driver will be waiting for you as you walk out of the tunnel that leads to the parking lot. This is a very easy departure from the ship and you will be very happy you chose car service because your bags will be loaded into the vehicle and you will be on your way to MCO or SFB. You do not have to wait for the bus to load to get going. If you travel the Monarch, Mariner or the Glory and you rent a car or drive to Port Canaveral, you will park in the covered garage. A porter will load your luggage and walk you all the way to the garage with your luggage. Of course you will have to tip him but it is well worth the work he does.

Disembarkation from the Disney Cruise ships.

   You are able to get out of the Disney ship early enough to catch a flight home after about 1030 hours. The disembarkation by Disney is the most efficient of all the cruise lines. First off, in the evening before departure, send all your bags you need to pick up to the ship for unloading. Hold one of the extra tags they give you to replace the tags you used on your luggage to board the ship. When you get up around 0500 hours get ready and head to breakfast. Breakfast starts at around 0600 at all the dining rooms and even the beach blanket buffet. You can get coffee on the 9th deck.

   About 0700 - 0715 head to the 3rd floor atrium, where you boarded the ship. Get in line and soon they will start letting you off the ship. Once off , get out your remaining baggage tag and hold on to it. Walk straight ahead across the gangplank and into the terminal. Go up the escalator to the second floor of the terminal. After the escalator you will see the porters waiting to help you. Give them your little tag and they will lead you to your luggage which is already set up in a certain order. They will load it for you, letting you verify all your luggage is there. He will load it for you and than head to the customs agent who will check you out and than send you packing. It is worth the $5.00 or $10.00 you give the porter to help you. I was actually out of the terminal at 0755 and headed over to pick up my car. Going to Orlando International you will get there approximately one hour after you board your rental or the car you hire to pick you back up.

   The bus transfers are probably a little different as the bus go back fully loaded to Orlando International Airport.


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