For those who are thinking about renting a car at the Orlando International Airport and traveling to Disney for a week or two, you should take the following into consideration.

1.  Car rentals run about $140.00 to $300.00 per week. That doesn't include the extra they charge for the insurance and the sales tax on the transaction. You also pay an extra dividend because you landed at the airport and of course the rental company has to pay the airport for the business they receive through the airport. Using a rental car in Disney can become very confusing. All rentals look alike and when you use your car, if you do, at Disney you park with a bunch of other rental cars. Hopefully you have something unique about your car that will allow you to distinguish it in the parking lots. Second, don't bring an awful lot of luggage because the trunks in most of the cars are very small. If your family numbers more than three or four than you may be in trouble with your luggage. Third, if you plan to fill up you should fill up on the way to the airport and than top off at the rental car location. The gas stations around the rental car shop rip you off on the price. It normally runs $.50 per gallon more at the station closest to the rental store. All this is a big hassle when you are hurrying to catch your plane. Add another two hours ahead of time to leave your resort if you rent a car.

2.  Your transportation while at Disney is provided to you free of charge. You just figure out how to use the bus or mono-rail system in place there.  You have complete transportation privileges on the Disney transportation system. There is no exception. Why do you rent a car to go to Disney? If you stay a week and never use that vehicle you have wasted that money that could have been spent in other ways.

3.  If you use your rental vehicle to go to the theme parks it will cost you $8.00 per day to park in the theme park lots. You will not be parked up front for your convenience. You will park in the regular lots and a tram will take you to the ticket gates. When the Disney transportation takes you to the theme park you get off in front very convenient to the entrance to the park. Why use your rental car to go to the theme parks? So if you look at it a rental car is an extreme convenience to visit Disney.

4.  Landing at Orlando International Airport you have to go to the bottom floor to pick up your vehicle if the rental car offices are at the airport. If they are not you will have to go to the bottom floor outside to pick up the bus that will take you off the property to the rental car offices. You actually spend two to three hours getting everything straightened out before you are headed to Disney for your vacation. Even than it could be a while longer because driving out there may become a hassle if you don't know your way. Why did you rent a vehicle?

5.  The taxi and vehicle-for-hire system allows you to find your transportation expeditiously and be on your way to your resort. Most Disney resorts are within 30-45  minutes from the airport. You will be able to speak to drivers ahead of time and arrange your trip by telephone or e-mail.

6.   The taxi stands are located on the first floor on the outside areas. There are two loading areas on each side of the terminal (sides A and B). The taxi stands have vehicles that hold up to nine passengers. The same price prevails for all the taxi's no matter how many passengers. The vehicle-for-hire rates all run close to the taxi prices so if you want a town car, splurge. Vehicle-for-hire drivers specialize in meeting you in the terminal, helping with your luggage and than escorting you to his car for transfer to the resorts. The taxi drivers listed on this site also do the "Meet and Greet" method. The approximate price to the park resorts is between $40.00 and $60.00. The return price to the airport is approximately the same. A rental car for one week costs much more than that. What advantages do you have, other than paying more for the vehicle, compared to taxi and vehicle-for-hire prices. Did you plan on renting a car and letting it sit at Disney in the parking lot all week?

7.  If you had used the taxi or vehicle-for-hire system your return to the airport would have been much easier. The vehicle or driver, of your choice, shows up at the resort. You and your family load into the vehicle and you are are your way. The vehicle drops you just outside the ticket counters, approximately 50 feet, on the third floor. He unloads your luggage and you are on your way. No car drop-off, no looking for gas stations, no getting lost on the way back to the airport and no waiting for the busses to return you to the airport if you rented off the airport. The trip to the airport from the hotel is not more than 40 minutes compared to the rental car headache of 2 to 3 hours for the same trip.



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