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You can meet the Taxi fleet and find individual taxi drivers in two ways:

Method #1
   It is completely permissible and a common practice at Orlando International, for taxi drivers to meet you at the airport elevator or escalators. This is known as "Meet and Greet".  A  taxi driver will greet you  and then assist you with your baggage to the taxi. In fact, they can be your personal driver for the trip to your destination and the return to the airport. These drivers can be contacted through their web page here at On the individual drivers web pages you can look for additional features that you will require for your trip to the various resorts and hotels. This would include baby seats, smoking and non-smoking cabs, charter trips to other parts of Florida and credit card cabs. The drivers with extra facilities can be contacted in various ways that will be listed on their web pages through the taxi company links on the right. Again, there is no advance payment as each driver collects from the metered fare at the end of the trip.
If you have made contact with a taxi driver you can go to the Taxi Starters and ask them to call up the taxi number. Pre- arrangements must be made with the driver so that he is sitting in the bullpen when you want to pick up the taxi.
    It is also possible to call the driver on his cell phone and he will meet you downstairs at one of the spots designated by the airport for pick-up. The driver will give you a number where he will be parked waiting for you.


Method #2
   The same company cabs you have viewed are available if you haven't had an occasion to contact a driver at Orlando International Airport in advance. As you arrive and get your luggage, leave the baggage floor (Level 2) and go down the elevators or escalators to the first floor (LEVEL 1).

Effective 9/11/01 the taxi stands are on the OUTSIDE area of (LEVEL 1). On side B you pick up your taxi at B1, B2, B20, B21 or B22. On side A you go to A1, A2, A16 and A17. The stands are located on the OUTSIDE concourse on both sides. B1 and B2 are located on the floor below Delta baggage and A1 and A2 are located on the floor below Continental baggage.

   If you are at the ends of the terminal, A1 or B1, the taxi stand is right in front of you or you can walk towards the middle and shortly you will spot the taxis lined up. The taxi starter is close by to help you out.

If you walk to the taxi stands in the middle you may pass illegal taxis (they are out-of -town drivers who can only drive legally to the out-of-town locations listed on their vehicles .  They are able to lie and convince passengers they can drive to the local areas, but charge you much more if you fall for their story.)  It is best that you avoid them because they are not legitimate taxi's.

   You will spot the official taxi's and than will see the taxi starter close by. The starter will take care of your needs, sedan or large passenger van.

   Walk up to the
Taxi starter, (the person with the white shirt with the word taxi written on it), and let him know your needs and destination. You can ask for the cabs, by the number if you know it, by the drivers names or by the companies represented on this site. If you need a van and there is none in the taxi line, the Taxi Starter will immediately request one for you. Don't be afraid to ask. Otherwise, he will assign you the taxi and driver (of course) first in line. The taxi driver will help you load and you will be on your way. There is no advance payment as each driver collects from the metered fare at the end of the trip. 


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Star Taxi

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