Advanced planning:


   As you cruise through the World Wide Web looking for transportation to Disney and the different hotels, you will see many sites advertising great prices for your transfer from the airport to your resort. Just remember they are advertisements and sometimes very misleading. You will end up paying approximately the same for most of the different modes of transportation, with the exception of shuttles and busses.


   Orlando International Airport has now listed all the companies now permitted on its property to pick you up. The site is kept up to date so it is to your advantage to check out the company you are dealing with to see if it is permitted at the airport. The site is http://www.orlandoairports.net:/goaa/ops/vfh.htm . You can go to this site and check to see if your company is listed. One trick many companies play on you is this. They set up a page offering transportation to you from the airport. When they receive your request for transportation they will forward it to any individual who will pick you up. The problem is many of these individuals are not permitted at the airport. The company may not be permitted at the airport. Not permitted may offer the challenge whether or not that this company has proper insurance. The company listed on the internet may have no insurance whatsoever. In fact that company may not exist as it is an individual who has set up that page to attract you and your reservation, Once he gets the reservation he will sell it to a driver who will eventually end up picking you up.  


   These sites show you beautiful cars and scenery that might lull you to sleep when you think about security for your family and loved ones. These sights also request payment in advance, with a credit card, for all these wonderful amenities. Do you know the rate of .com companies that went out of business last year and left customers holding the bag. When you pay in advance to some company that you have no experience with, you are inviting financial troubles. Such a good way to start your trip, no prepaid ride waiting for you and a loss of a roundtrip fare to the resorts.


   The latest tactic these sites are pulling is advertising lower rates on Googles adwords, the little boxes to the right of the search page called sponsored links, or the Yahoo equivalent. When you click into the site notice first the rates that are advertised, almost always higher. Also notice they are requesting huge tip percentages for their drivers. What you don't know is that these supposedly huge companies with fleets of beautiful cars in many cases are individuals with one or two vehicles. It would be a challenge to find any of the vehicles pictured on the web page in that companies possession.


   Another consideration you need to take account of. What about the driver who takes you to the resorts. What do you know about him. You know absolutely nothing. The reason for that is that the transportation companies themselves don't know until the last minute who is going to pick you up.


   These companies, so called, are very deceptive. One company took the pictures and biographies of eight bilingual drivers in Taxi-MCO and listed them on their site as drivers for their company. Of course the telephone numbers and means of getting in touch with these drivers was taken off the page. No one can reach those drivers should someone look at that site. Should someone call looking for a bilingual driver I bet they might get some bilingual driver, but not the ones listed.


   The are also many of these companies listed that have beautiful pages built on a website. They tell you they have busses, Limos and every form of transportation that is needed to accommodate your needs. They are usually equipped with one vehicle for transportation. They are nothing but brokerage companies. They don't have the equipment but are looking for you the customer so they can sell your transportation to another company. Don't put your transportation in these people hands because you may end up not getting any transportation when you arrive into the airport.    


   Taxi-MCO.com provides you with every bit of the information these transportation companies do not. You can contact and talk to your driver months ahead of your visit. A personal picture of the driver on the site gives you a sense of security  not matched by any site on the web. Many of our customers have printed the page and carried it with them to match their driver.


   Take the following into consideration:


Should you rent a vehicle?


       If you are staying at the Disney resorts and do not plan to leave the Disney World complex it is foolish to spend the money on a rental car. Disney transportation takes you all over the complex.  If you go to downtown Disney, you will have a problem finding a parking spot. The resort provides free transportation to the theme parks, downtown Disney and the golf courses.


        If you choose a taxi or vehicle for hire you will leave the airport usually earlier than any other form of transportation will be able to get you out of the airport. The ride to the Disney resorts is approximately 30 minutes.  Your rental car is useless at the Disney resorts. If you want to make a trip to Universal or Sea World it is easy to find a taxi at the resorts or schedule your town car driver to pick you up and take you to both of the parks. Taxi to Sea World is about $20.00 and Universal $30.00. You can return for the same amount as the parks have taxi stands or your town car driver will be able to meet you and return you to Disney.        





Upon Arrival At The Airport:



Orlando International Airport has attempted to regulate the quality of passenger transportation companies.  Rightfully so.  However, passengers and visitors, are still being harassed.... daily, by non-regulated drivers or their representatives (commonly known at the Orlando International Airport as GYPSIES).  


These people do not have the necessary permit to work the airport as a regulated taxi, bus or shuttle.  They do not, therefore, need to comply to the same rules complied with by  honest regulated taxi drivers.  Rules which are made in the interest of the families, vacationers, and business people visiting Orlando, Florida.


Further, on occasion, a  GYPSY will not have commercial insurance, their cars are normally in great need of repair, and they may overcharge you, the unsuspecting visitor.  As an example, in some cases, fares have been collected for a round trip, and then the GYPSY never shows up for the return trip.




A recent trend has developed. The Orlando International Airport does not condone this procedure.  Skycaps have contracted with unauthorized transportation companies and when they meet you needing transportation out of the airport, they get on their cell phones and contact a gypsy driver waiting off the property for such a call. The skycap than takes you to an area of the airport that is less crowded and loads you into the gypsy taxi. You know not what you are getting into and should a bad situation exist it will be almost impossible for anyone to trace what transportation company took you out of the airport.


To be a secure as possible you should inform the skycap that you desire to use the transportation authorized by the airport. That is the taxi's downstairs or the shuttles. Do not accept the skycaps offer to find you transportation. It will lead to trouble.



The GYPSY will normally stand by the baggage claim areas (Orlando International Airport, Level 2) and solicit rides for hire.  A GYPSY will be looking for passengers who appear confused or are looking for help.  The GYPSY is very often well dressed, will be either male or female, and frequently will have official looking badges.........to the unsuspecting visitor they look like they should be there.


The gypsy will also stand on the outside concourse leading to the taxi and shuttle stands and offer transportation to you. Ignore him as he is potential trouble.  


City law prohibits them from soliciting you.  To circumvent the law they may, with a very friendly approach ask, "May I help you?" or "Do you need a taxi?" or "Where are you heading today?"  Sometimes they will carry mobile phones or radios to make themselves look official (the radio is normally used to contact an associate waiting in the parking lot when they locate a rider). This person is, unfortunately, a GYPSY and is only trying to decide whether your trip is worth their effort.


If they sense or are told that you will be needing a long drive they will call for a car to come get you in about 10 minutes.  They won't tell you that the official Commercial Vehicle and Taxi Loading Area is downstairs on Orlando International Airport, Level 1. If you will require a short trip (not worth the bother) they will then point you downstairs to Level 1 and the official Commercial Vehicle and Taxi Loading Area.



Legitimate, regulated, and metered taxis will await you on Level 1 of the airport at the Commercial Vehicle And Taxi Loading Area.  In the event you have arranged a "Meet & Greet" pickup by a designated and regulated driver (possibly contacted after reviewing the driver list here at Taxi-MCO.com), they will be holding a sign with your name on it as you come down the escalator from Orlando International Airport, Level 3 to the baggage claim area at Level 2.  After greeting you they will then escort and assist you and your family safely  to the official Commercial Vehicle And Taxi Loading Area on Level 1. 



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