We have established a special relationship with many who have ridden with us. This is a special page so we can look back and remember some of these families. Thank you for riding with us at Taxi-MCO..............Please hurry back  !!!


    Takafumi Shirakawa is from Osaka, Japan. His wife Hisako and daughter Aoi were very nice and happy to return to Disney World.

  This is the second time he has traveled with me and we set it all up through e-mails.

   Takafumi got back to Osaka safely and I wish him and his family a very merry Christmas. 

           The "Cole Gang"  
   The "Port" was put on alert when this notorious gang scheduled a cruise. Known for their enormous energy to generate fun the ship was well prepared. Everything went off in grand style as the "Sovereign of the Seas" rocked for three days in Mary, 2006. Thank you, Pattie, Barbara, Cindy, Angie and Debbie for riding with me and sharing those "pralines" with me.

  I have been in contact with the Jordan's, Neil, Alita, Natalie and Jessica since January. This was their first visit to Disneyworld and they had a great time. They came all the way from Manchester, U.K. It was great being able to transport them from Sanford to the Boardwalk. Natalie I think you left your hat in my car. I will send it to you if you get me an address on the e-mail.

Thank you for riding with me.


   This is my little computer buddy. She kept me informed of their schedule and always wanting to know how the weather was. Well I ordered special weather for Jessica. I hope she enjoyed her stay at Disneyworld.



    The is the "Meyer Gang." They look like they were on a "Girls weekend" at Daytona Beach. The one in front, Sherry, is looking rather hard at me. I think she just got up and didn't want her picture taken, ha ha. The other five are Laura, Darlene, Debbie, Patty and Cathy. That is not in any kind of order.

   I didn't remember all their names so if they want to e-mail me I will get it in here. They were a lot of fun, even though they took two hours to grocery shop in the middle of the night.

   You have to watch out for the one on the left. She seemed to be the rowdiest. I see "Devil" in those eyes.

   Thank you a gain for riding with me. You'll were a lot of fun to be able to transfer to Daytona.


Howard and DEEdee Nadel & Kids, Ellen and Steven are from Westchester, N.Y. They visit Disneyworld several times each year. Larry has been Howie's designated driver for many years now. 

Check out Larry's website.

Larry Perullo

   The Goldman's, Martin and Amy came all the way from the United Kingdom to enjoy 14 days of vacation in Orlando. Amy sure got her share of what is best on International Drive, Universal and Walt Disneyworld. 
   Taxi-MCO was happy to pick her  and her Dad up at the Orlando-Sanford Airport and get her safely to International Drive.
   Martin and Amy, thank you for riding with me. I enjoyed your company to and from Orlando so maybe sometime in the future we will meet again.

Ed Korgan 

   It was a another pleasant day when I met Don and Nancy Schwartz from Long Island, New York. Their kids Zach, from "Saved by the Bell" and sweet little Erica were memorable. 
   Zach has probably checked this site every day since he has been home to see if I am going to keep my word.
   I know they had a great time at the Wilderness Lodge. First thing they said was to tell everyone to bring their fishing poles, when they come, because there are some mighty big ones in that fishing hole out back.
   Thank you for riding with me.

Ed Korgan  

The Maini's from Canada were here  in June. Dr. Maini visited the Taxi-MCO site the night before they left and printed information that led him right to my taxi. The information helped him to find the fastest and most efficient way to get to his resort at Disneyworld. As his driver I was able to give him a lot of uselful information. I thank his family for riding with me. It was fun meeting his lovely wife and children.

Ed Korgan

The Pelkey's, Beth and Greg with 4 year old son Jack are from the Norfolk, Virginia area. Beth is a promotions manager with a local newspaper and Craig is a real estate developer with Dollar Tree stores. They stayed at the Wilderness Lodge and experienced the Disney Magic with their sharp little son Jack.
  Ed Korgan received their call for roundtrip transportation. Go to his web page for more information on his services.

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